For further information on the ensembles, please visit the Press page; for more information on the shows, please contact Zan.

Upcoming Performances


I will be performing with a duo at Mr. C's and Lizzy's Cajun Cafe, 1254 Solano Ave., corner of Masonic, Albany, date TBD. Information:510-525-2440; Always look forward to these hits at Mr. C's and Lizzy's. Plus food is super. So happy to be back at this very friendly location after a long year. Cheers.

Some Past Performances


Celebrated my first post-COVID show on Sunday, June 20th, with hip keyboardist Parker Grant along for the ride, at Mr. C's and Lizzy's. So very cool to be back playing for an audience after this very tough year. Was very happy to have some friends pop by, and to enjoy some of Mr. C's delicious fried catfish. Mmm, good.


On June 25th, did a special solo show at Bird and Beckett Books and Records, 653 Chenery St., San Francisco, talking about my history in jazz, some of the people I have known or been influenced by and playing music associated with these artists. I thought the evening went well. Here's the link to the video:

Ended February with a very cool duo show on the 29th at Mr. C's and Lizzy's with Sam Cady, terrific keyboardist, old school jazzman. Really enjoyed playing with Sam.

I had a pair of duo shows Fri., Feb. 14, and Sat., Feb. 15, at Mr. C's and Lizzy's Cajun Cafe, the first with keyboardist Doug Morton, the second with longtime pal Keith Saunders. Big fun both nights.


On November 2, ZS did another solo show mixing music, jazz history, current events at Kaleidoscope Coffee, 109 Park Place, Pt. Richmond; 510-260-0848;; Enjoyed this

Guitarist Luke Westbrook and I had a solid hang Friday, October 18, at Mr. C's and Lizzy's Cajun Cafe. Always good to play with Luke.

Oct. 6 was the day that the quartet (Keith Saunders, Ron Marabuto and Peter Barshay) had its first hit in ages -- not for lack of trying, it must be said -- at Bird & Beckett Books and Records, 653 Chenery St., San Francisco. Nice crowd, big fun. See Steven Monrad's review on the Awards/Feedback page. Go buy a book!!

I played my first solo gig in a while on Aug. 17 at Kaleidoscope Coffee. Went well, so I have now scheduled a series of performances, as listed in Upcoming performances.

On June 15th, pianoman Keith Saunders and I had a ball at Kaleidoscope Coffee.

Keith and I enjoyed ourselves on June 12th and again June 25th as part of Taco Tuesdays at the Harmonic Brewing Co., 1050 26th St. in the Dogpatch section of San Francisco. Cheers to that.

Guitarists Eric Vogler (May 26) and Luke Westbrook (May 30) each played a date with ZS at the for-members-only Club at Ruby Hill in Pleasanton. Good times.

Pianist/singer Ben Flint and I enjoyed a hit on May 24 at Mr. C's and Lizzy's Cajun Cafe, 1254 Solano Ave., corner of Masonic, Albany, 510-525-2440. Hope to be back soon.

Ben Stolorow, Ollie Dudek, Omar Aran and I kicked up some dust in a rousing evening April 16th at the historic 7 Mile House, 2800 Bayshore Blvd., Brisbane. Big fun per usual.

Ben, Adam, Omar and I had a blast at the 7 Miles House on March 19. Such a great place to hang, listen, eat, and drink. Go Vanessa Garcia!

Valentine's at Lizzy's Cajun Cafe in Albany, was a good time. Ben Stolorow and I investigated a range of tunes with heart. Good fun.

On January 21st, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the quartet of Ben Stolorow, Adam Gay, Omar Aran and yours truly had big fun playing at Vanessa Garcia's 7 Mile House in Brisbane. So happy to be back at this very cool room.

Ben Stolorow and I kicked off the New Year with a hit on Jan. 1 at Lizzy's Cajun Cafe in Albany. Lucky everybody, bass ace Adam Gay dropped by and made it a trio. We had a ball. And the food? Simply delish. Chef Mr. C really hit the jackpot with his Shrimp n' Grits and his Fried Chicken Southern style. Mmm, good.


Keyboardist Adam Shulman and I had big fun entertaining the folks on Saturday, November 17 at Lizzy's Cajun Cafe -- formerly known as Mr. C's and Lizzie's Cajun Cafe. I employed vocals and scat vocals plus my tenor saxophone to the mix. The newly-remodeled kitchen operated at full tilt, so the food was hot off the grill, with tables inside. Was cool to see some pals come by.

On Saturday, September 8, Ben Stolorow and I again had a great time teaming up at Mr. C's & Lizzie's Cajun Cafe in Albany. Folks turned out, the cuisine was delish (everything sold out). More to come, please join us.

On Friday, April 13, Ben Stolorow and I had a blast playing a robust gathering at Mr. C's & Lizzie's Cajun Cafe. The debut of the Cajun Cafe was a big success. Lot of folks turned out and everybody had a ball. Mr. C wants things to continue, so hope to be back soon. He's also great for hair if you have a need. 510-525-2440.


I had an operation on June 22 on my jaw that left me inactive for the rest of 2017. But I am healing.

On June 20th, I joined keyboardist Ben Stolorow, bassist Ollie Dudek, and drummer Omar Oran in a repeat performance at the historic 7 Mile House, 2800 Bayshore Blvd., in Brisbane. Great fun once more.

The quartet celebrated its 5th anniversary with a Saturday, June 10, gathering at the North Branch of the Berkeley Public Library. The team of myself, Keith Saunders, Adam Gay, and Ron Marabuto had a blast playing for a crowd that was definitely into listening. Looking forward to returning.

Guitarist Eric Holder andI offered duets at the Jewish Community Center, San Rafael, as part of a benefit for the Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery. Great evening, great cause.


November 26th found me playing solo at Bijou in Hayward. Another room with a solid vibe.

On September 26, I joined poets David Meltzer and Julie Rogers, plus pianist Bill Crossman, or a hit at Bird & Beckett Books/Records in San Francisco. Also on the bill was poet Lateef Harris. Hip night of words and music.

On Aug. 15th, Adam Gay and Keith Saunders and I delighted graduates of UCB's Haas School of Business new accounting program at a dinner on campus at the top of Memorial Stadium. Thanks Cheryl McShane and Jennifer Wells for having us.

Three recent solo ZS hits: July 2nd, for the opening of Shane Weare's "Uncharted Territory" at Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts, 1790 Shattuck, Berkeley;; and Aug. 20th, same spot for the opening of "Transparent Life," featuring great paintings by an all-female cast. He also did a hit on Aug. 14 at Bijou Restaurant and Bar, 1036 B St., Hayward, where saxman David Sims is manager and mixologist and where the food is scrumptious;; 510-888-1092.

Keith Saunders and I had a couple of inspired duo hits: July 29, at Kaleidoscope Coffee -- 109 Park Place, Pt. Richmond; 510-260-0848;;; and Aug. 16 at Club Deluxe, 1511 Haight St., at the corner of Ashbury, SF; (no 'm'), 415-552-6949. Go Keitho!

ZS led a trio for good times on Sunday, July 24th at Deluxe; and at same, on June 25th, it was ZS, guitarist Luke Westbrook, bassist Adam Gay, and drummer Omar Oran wailing. Always great to play Deluxe.

A grand Father's Day reading with music by poets Latif Harris and David Meltzer and ZS on tenor transpired June 19 at Eric Whittington's ace room, Bird & Beckett Books and Records, 653 Chenery St., in the Glen Park neighborhood. Cool hang. Info:; 415-586-3733.

Zan played solo for the opening of Magnetic Fields, an exhibition of A-1 abstract expressionist art via Adelie Landis Bischoff, Tom Schultz, and others, May 28th, and for the closing, June 18, at Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts, 1790 Shattuck, Berkeley. Info:

Ben Stolorow joined Zan on June 17 for hip duos at Kaleidoscope Coffee -- 109 Park Place, Pt. Richmond; 510-260-0848;;

Zan and Keith Saunders had tons of duo fun playing Saturday, May 21, at an art event presented by Conception Events at The Laughing Monk Brewery in San Francisco.

Zan played solo horn for a brief bit at the SF Dogfish frisbee championships, hosted by Major Leagues Unlimited. Hey, horn is horn!

The band gathered on Saturday, April 30th, for Ruben Limon's 50th birthday party in Concord. Good crowd of happy attendees; Ruben really dig us. Thank you, Ruben.

On April 23, Zan played solo for the opening of a new show at Mythos Fine Arts in Berkeley. He played the show's closing on May 14. Zan is the unofficial house musician at Mythos, where he loves to play and hang with the artists.

Keith Saunders joined Zan on Mar. 12, at Kaleidoscope Coffee -- 109 Park Place, Pt. Richmond; 510-260-0848;; -- for the second edition of Jazz and Stories, featuring tales and tunes from the jazz lore and from Zan's experiences as a musician, jazz journalist, and fan. Big fun. Earlier that day, Zan Keith, Adam Gay and Smith Dobson played a birthday party for Beverly Parnell's mother in Oakland. Another goodie.

Saturday, Mar. 5, found the band hitting at Birdland Jazzista Social Club, 4318 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way at 43rd St., Oakland. Rainy night, but fun hit.

On Mar. 2, Zan was interviewed by Alisa Clancy, the delightful, deeply musically sophisticated morning weekday host on KCSM, Jazz91, 91.1 FM, which also streams at

Saturday, Feb. 27, Zan and sizzling keyboardist Ben Flint had a wonderful night playing duos for a very nice audience at Kaleidoscope Coffee, Pt. Richmond. Info:

The band's second San Francisco appearance came on Sunday, February 21 at Eric Whittington's ace room, Bird & Beckett Books and Records, 653 Chenery St., in the Glen Park neighborhood. A very fun afternoon-to-evening where videographer Ocean Ho shot footage that we hope to be posting on very soon. A good time had by all. Info:; 415-586-3733.

The band made its San Francisco debut on Thursday, Jan. 28th, at one of the town's best jazz spots: Club Deluxe, 1511 Haight St., at the corner of Ashbury. We had a great time and hope to be back at Deluxe soon. Info: (no 'm'), 415-552-6949.

On Thursday, Jan. 14, I played a noon-time solo slot for the grand opening of CORE Kitchen, an organic eatery in downtown Oakland, on the square at 44914th St., just up from 12th Street BART. Lot of folks enjoyed the fresh foods and the fresh sounds. Wishing owner Corey Rennell and his staff best of luck with this ace establishment. Info:


Did an unusual hit on Sat., Dec. 12, when I played solo horn for a group of cyclists at Inspiration Point, in the Presidio, San Francisco, as part of Danny Shaprio's annual SF birthday bike tour. It was fun to play in this stellar location for such a cool group, many of whom are educators. Go, Danny, and Happy Birthday.

I debuted my new show, Jazz and Stories, on Fri., Nov. 20, at Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts, 1790 Shattuck, Berkeley, playing solo tenor and offering anecdotes from my life in jazz as a fan, journalist, and musician. The evening turned out splendidly, and was videotaped by the ace videographer Charles Koppelman. Hope to get the edited results up on very soon. Really excited about this show. I think it has a lot of promise.

On Fri., Nov. 6th, I was honored to be the musician, playing solo tenor, for Curtis and Reana Owens's wedding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City. It was a very special time for two very cool people. Cheers to Curtis and Reana and best wishes for happy, happy days.

On Aug. 27, I joined poets David Meltzer and Julie Rogers for some solo horn as part of the CD release celebration of Two-Tone: Poetry & Jazz (Pure Land Audio), at Bird & Beckett Books and Records in San Francisco. It was a wonderful night. David, an SF Beat poet who was reading to jazz bands in the late 1950s, is a stunning reader, as is his wife Julie, so we had a ball. Room was packed. Thanks everybody for making this a special night. We did a subsequent CD party at one of our favorite haunts -- Mythos Fine Art & Artifacts, 1790 Shattuck in Berkeley -- on November 14th. Another dynamic evening.

June 7th was our last TxR hit before the summer hiatus. Keith Saunders, Adam Gay, and Ron Marabuto all made the afternoon a groove.

May found the trio of Keith Saunders, Ron Marabuto and I returning to Terrapin Crossroads on May 3, 17 and 31. More good times.

There were three April hits at Terrapin Crossroads, Phil Lesh's outstanding music and food hang located at 100 Yacht Club. Dr., San Rafael; These were all Sundays, the 12th, 19th, and 26th, with typical aces Keith Saunders and Ron Marabuto, plus Adam Gay on the 26th to mark the Band's 3rd Anniversary, and Tony Johnson in for Ron on the 12th. There was also�the ZS debut on the 16th at the Terrace Room, located in the Lake Merritt Hotel, 1800 Madison at Lakeshore, Oakland, with Adam, Omar Aran, and Luke Westbrook on hand. Fun times, great food. info:

March, I fronted trios at TxR a couple of times, on the 8th and the 22nd. Well, it was really the band minus Adam Gay, so with Keith Saunders and Ron Marabuto making hearty sounds along with the tenor guy. Big fun.

February found ZS and friends making three stops at TxR, two with Robb Fisher and Ron Marabuto, and one other with Robert Overbury teaming with Ron. Dug 'em all.

2015 had a nice start, with ten hits in January: seven at Terrapin Crossroads (TxR) in San Rafael, where it was trio time. Many spotlighted a dynamic pair: bassist Robb Fisher and drummer Ron Marabuto; also a fun hit with guitarist Eric Vogler and John Wiitala, who both doubled (John on drums, Eric on bass); another hip one with bassist Adam Gay and drummer Omar Aran; and one more with pianist Ben Stolorow and Ron. TxR has been a great hang. Plus there were a couple of private parties, and the band's debut at the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur, where all members -- ZS, Adam, Keith Saunders and Ron -- were on hand. So ace way to enter 2015.


December boasted several nice hits. Keith Saunders, Ron Marabuto and I had a blast at Terrapin Crossroads on Dec. 5-6, and then later on the 6th, at Mythos Fine Art in Berkeley. On the 19th at TXR, Ron and Adam Gay made up the trio, on the 23rd, Ollie Dudek was in the bass seat, and on the 26, the bassist was Robb Fisher. All great hangs. Also on the 20th, I played solo for the closing of Worldly Eyes, the ace show at Mythos. Fun month.

November found a couple of trio dates at Terrapin Crossroads, and there have been a couple in December, both with Keith Saunders and Ron Marabuto. Keith, Ron and I also did a hit at the Mythos/Firehouse Gallery in Berkeley. All have been big fun.Keith Saunders and I did a pair of Off The Grids: Oct. 4 in Concord and Oct. 12 in Dublin/Pleasanton. Fun per usual. And guitarist Tom Landers and I did an OTG at the Serramonte Center in a wild wind, but we survived, this on Oct.

On Sunday, Oct. 5th, the trio with Adam Gay and Ron Marabuto hit at Phil Lesh's Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael; Ollie Dudek was bassist in the threesome on Oct. 9. Great room, great hang, ace food. Info:

Pianist Keith Saunders and I had our regular good time when hit Sept. 3 at Off The Grid El Cerrito, the hip food truck gathering. Then Larry Chinn and I played duos at OTG Millbrae on Sept. 25. Good time was had by both. Go to offthe

Ace pianist Mark Levine and I had a very nice time playing soft duos Weds. Aug. 20th, at the excellent Italian restaurant Osteria Divino, 37 Caledonia, Sausalito, 415-331-9355. A-1 Florentine-based cuisine.

I had a ball sitting with Claire Daly's band on Aug. 7 & 8 at Cafe Stritch in San Jose, as part of the hip room's 2nd annual Rahsaanathon. Owners Steve and Maxwell Borkenhagen named their room after one of Rah's saxophone-related instruments, the Stritch, and Rah's said horn is on the wall above the bandstand. Claire's band included pianist Art Hirihara, bassist John Wiitala, and drummer Akira Tana, and with that rousing support, I was able to really cut loose. Big fun. On the 8th, James Carter, horn maestro, was there -- he played with Steve Turre the next three nights -- but without a horn so he used mine, and to ace effect. Yea, Cafe Stritch!

Pianoman Keith S. and I had a blast playing at Off The Grid El Cerrito on July 30. We'll be back Sept. 3

Keith and I had some big fun playing duos at Off The Grid, first in Concord on June 28, then in North Berkeley on June 29. The latter was a particular groove as several kids danced and many friends came out.

The Band was back at full strength with Keith on piano when we hit at Birdland Jazzista on Mar 1. Packed houses for both sets, people cheering. Now that's what I'm talking about. Look forward to our next, TBA hit at Birdland in its new digs in Oakland at 4318 Martin Luther King Jr,(cross street 43rd, three blocks from McArthur BART Station), which opens in June. Visit

The band became a trio with Adam and Ron for a Feb. 15 bash as part of 'REBELS, HIPSTERS AND VISIONARIES, Bay Area Poets and Artists, 1950s - 60s, at the Firehouse North Gallery, 1790 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. A packed house delivered enthusiastic response and we loved playing for the folks.

Zan played a solo evening on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, at Tambo Peruvian Restaurant in Oakland.

The band had a fun hang On Jan. 12 at Duende, the ace Basque-based contemporary restaurant located at 468 19th St., Oakland. Visit or call 510-893-0174

Friday, Jan. 10: Zan played a lively and well-received solo performance for the opening of 'REBELS, HIPSTERS AND VISIONARIES, at the Firehouse North Gallery, 1790 Shattuck Ave. (at Delaware), Berkeley. Visit


Zan and Keith did a zesty duo performance Oct. 5 at the opening of the Off The Grid food truck market extravaganza at the Willow Shopping Center in Concord. Fun had by all.

Zan's Band, with Adam Gay, Keith Saunders, and Ron Marabuto, had vibrant hits on June 27th and August 15th at the Garden Gate Creativity Center in Berklee, which, sadly, will close on Aug. 31. Great crowds both times. The new duo that features Zan and Adam played the GGCC on June 6th.

May 12: Zan played a solo set at the East Bay Music Salon in Berkeley.

Thursday, March 21: Zan was featured artist with the Webster Street Trio (Theo Connell, drums; Marc Babin, guitar; Bill Lanphier, bass) at the 1400 Bar & Grill, 1400 Webster St., corner of Central, Alameda. No music charge, tip jar open.; 510-263-9651.

Sunday, March 3: Solo saxophone at the East Bay Music Salon, Berkeley.

All at Nick’s, 3218 Adeline, Berkeley, most with the band with Keith, Adam, and Ron: Feb. 18, Mar. 10 &24; April 14, May 12, June 16, July 21, Aug. 18.

January 18: West Orange Whole Foods with Joe Magnarelli and Mike Karn.

August 15: Smalls Jazz Club, New York City, with Rob Schneiderman, Clovis Nicolai, and Pete Van Nostrand. (Audio available at, click Audio Archive.)

Zan Stewart

"That was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!"

– Denise McCoy, music director, The Priory, Newark, NJ, 2009

“People ought to come down here and find out who you really are.”

– drummer Clarence Johnston at Cat & Fiddle Pub, Hollywood, circa 1995

“Great show!”

– Audience member at Smalls Jazz Club, New York, 2007.

“Thanks for that old school jazz. Made us very happy.”

– Listener at a North Berkeley music and writing salon, 2012

“You guys are a bunch of funky mf-ers. Thanks for keeping the flame alive.”

– Drummer Mike Clark on a performance at Nick’s, Berkeley, 2012.

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