Zan Stewart


Starting in 1969 and continuing through the 1980s, I took a lot of photographs, many of which were of jazz musicians in performance; some of these were published. I thought I would include a sampling of these – plus some pictures of myself, mostly in various playing situations through the years, as well as other non-music shots — on this galleries page.

I had not looked at most of the shots I had taken for 20 years or more; I was happily surprised. True, sometimes the focus was not as crisp as one would like, nor was the lighting always great, but I feel the images capture some of the essence of jazz. I have really enjoyed looking at these shots and imagined that visitors here might also. I like how the pictures play as slide shows. As I have an array of shots, I’ll be changing and/or adding pictures every now and then. For information on any of the images, or to inquire about acquiring any of them, please contact me.

There are also some pictures by other photographers; shooters have been credited whenever possible. If anyone recognizes one of their uncredited shots, or knows who the photog is, please let me know and I’ll fix that up. Thanks.


Shots of Zan

Color shots of jazz artists taken by Zan:

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Black and white pics of jazz artists (and one rock guy) taken by Zan:

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Other photos taken by Zan:

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