This page comprises three awards I received during my writing career, followed by responses to my work – as both a writer and a musician. I am deeply grateful for these kind, supportive words.   – ZS


The Los Angeles Jazz Society’s Jazz Communicator Award, Oct. 9, 1994.

Certificate of Commendation from the City of Los Angeles, which states: “Zan Stewart…for his many distinguished years as a jazz writer, historian and outstanding communicator of jazz, the true music form in America; for his deep commitment, enthusiastic and personal involvement and numerous contributions to supporting, informing, and promoting jazz music and its uniquely creative musicians and artists; thereby playing a significant role in the cultural enrichment of millions of people throughout the world and enhancing the quality of life for the City of Los Angeles,” Oct. 9, 1994.

The ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award “in recognition of the excellence of his liner notes “Out There: The Angelic Passion of Eric Dolphy” (included in the 9-CD box set, The Complete Prestige Recordings [Prestige Records]), Dec. 9, 1996.

Responses to Zan’s writing

“Thank you so much for telling my story and putting it in such a beautiful, interesting and supporting way.”

– Clarinetist-saxophonist Anat Cohen, 2005

“Thanks again Zan. It's always nice to have notes with the same degree of integrity as the music. Let's do this again soon!”

– Pianist David Hazeltine on the liner notes to The Classic Trio meets Eric Alexander (Sharp Nine), 2002.

“Zan Stewart’s knowledge of, and passion for, the saxophone informed the great essay on Sonny Stitt found in this 28-page booklet...”

– Mosaic Records brochure on ZS’s notes for The Complete Sonny Stitt Roost Recordings (Mosaic).

“Thank you so much for your support, kind words, and for being such a positive force in this music.”

– Guitarist Roni Ben-Hur, 2005

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Responses to Zan's music

"Hey Zan, it is understandable that you jazzbos rate events in terms of fans and money, but there is another perspective. If jazz is wanted in the neighborhood there could be no more comfortable, cozy and enjoyable way to absorb a few tunes from musicians who care about their work. Arriving at break time, the place was too crammed to walk into, and some young lady of indefinite persuasion on the side walk was telling us, 'Good, yeah, really good, man'. Granted, it's tiny and it was a ten-minute crowd but owner Eric Whittington must have liked that and he sold a few books too. Second set there were three young couples with babes or toddlers, relaxing and focusing on the melodies. A couple of little old ladies and a couple of random single browsers who sat down. Cafe music with books that catch your eye, neighborhood folks, right up there with the French neighborhood cafes where Piaf got her start, and wished she had finished. And a couple of songs stuck in the old head, can't ask for more than that. Even appeared that the group enjoyed hanging after, far as I could tell. Cheers."

- Steven Monard reviewing the quartet's (pianist Keith Saunders, bassist Peter Barshay, drummer Ron Marabuto -- wailers all) Oct. 6 hit at Bird & Beckett Books and Records in San Francisco's Glen Park, presented by Jazz in the Neighborhood. 2019

"That was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!"


– Denise McCoy, music director, The Priory, Newark, NJ, 2009

“You played that good.”

– pianist Barry Harris at a workshop, LA., circa 1995.

“People ought to come down here and find out who you really are.”

– drummer Clarence Johnston at Cat & Fiddle Pub, Hollywood, circa 1995

“Don’t sound that bad to me…Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, keep cookin’.”

– Saxophonist Lou Donaldson at Smoke Jazz Club, New York, 2006.

“Great show!”

– Audience member at Smalls Jazz Club, New York, 2007.

“Thanks for that old school jazz. Made us very happy.”

– Listener at a North Berkeley music and writing salon, 2012.

“You guys are a bunch of funky 'mf-ers'. Thanks for keeping the flame alive.”

– Drummer Mike Clark on a quartet performance at Nick’s, Berkeley, 2012.

“Thanks for coming down the other night. Sounded good, man!”

– Guitarist Dave Stryker re: Cecil’s Jazz Club, West Orange, NJ, 2006.

“Keep doing what you’re doing.”

– Trumpeter Joe Magnarelli at Whole Foods, West Orange, 2011.

“You sounded great. The tone is happenin'. Keep on the path and see where it takes you."

– Saxophonist Chris Byars re: Smalls, New York, 2005

“I liked your sound."

– Saxophonist Paul Jeffrey, Smoke, NYC, circa 2007

"Beautiful Stuff. Your band kicks ass!"

– Richard D., re: the demo tracks

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